Mighty Quapaw Apprenticeship Program

1999 to present day.  Skills-based apprenticeship on canoeing and canoe-building.  Helping Delta youth overcome the challenges of life through the challenges of the great outdoors.


Lower Mississippi River Water Trail (www.river-gator.org)

5 year project started in 2011 to map and describe the entire Lower Mississippi from St. Louis to the Gulf of Mexico.


Save Buck Island Campaign

Completed.  2005-2011.  Partnership with the American Land Conservancy to protect 1500 acre Buck Island, which is now permanently preserved for future generations of Americans by the Arkansas Game & Fish Commission and considered a wetlands preserve by the NRCS of the US Dept of Agriculture.


Buck Island Stewardship -- Friends of Buck Island

2005 to present day.  Cleanups, mapping, description and sharing through social media the beauty of 1500 acre Buck Island, now a wildlife management area maintained by the Arkansas Game & Fish.


Muddy Waters Wilderness

Recognition and documnetation of a particularly wild section of the Lower Mississippi from Quapaw Landing (near Clarksdale) to Choctaw Island (near Arkansas City)


KIPP “Canoe Club” Delta College Prep Canoeing Program

Since 2008 Quapaw Canoe Company has been providing after-school and summer programs for the KIPP Middle School on canoe construction and canoeing instruction on the Mississippi in the Helena area. 


Friends of the Sunflower River (http://friends-of-the-sunflower-river.blogspot.com)

Established in 2005 for cleanups, paddle events and other educational programming on the Sunflower River.


Big River Canoe Class

2008 in collaboration with Phillips Community College and the University of Arkansas.


WILD MILES (www.wildmiles.org)

Top to bottom study of the Lower Mississippi establishing a baseline for wild sections of the river, places where no sign of mankind is seen save buoys and passing towboats. 


Delta Griot After School Arts Program

Begun in 2012 as an after-school program for Clarksdale High School Youth, QCC provides canoeing and outdoor recreation.  


Big Island http://bigmuddyisland.org/

An online newsletter & blog place created in 2013 for photos, videos, stories, news, essays, paintings and other media in the spirit of sharing the beauty and history of the Lower Mississippi River.  

Mississippi River Summer
Leadership Program

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The 2014-2017 Dugout Canoe Project
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