Lower Mississippi River Foundation

Missouri, Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas, Mississippi & Louisiana


to recognize, protect and promote the Lower Mississippi River as a viable wilderness for its overall ecological betterment and for increased enjoyment of future generations of American citizens.


the Lower Mississippi River begins at the confluence of the Upper Mississippi and Ohio Rivers and flows down to its terminus in the Gulf of Mexico, including its tributaries such as the Arkansas, the Yazoo, and distributaries such as the Atchafalaya.


Outdoor Education for Regional Youth, Outdoor Survival Training for Disadvantaged Youth, Access for Recreational Paddlers, Ethical Water Use & Stewardship, Ethical Outdoor Recreation, Sustainable Eco-tourism, and Holistic approach to Eco and Cultural Tourism.


Specific projects & programming oriented towards education, access, and enhanced environmental quality of the Lower Mississippi River & its tributaries & distributaries & drainages, including but not limited to the following activities:

Specific Programs:

Programs Page

Chain of Command:

Board of Directors, Executive Director, Paid Help, Volunteers

Founding Director:

John Ruskey

Founding Secretary:

Curtis Boschert

Founding Treasurer:

Scott Shirey

Board of Directors:

5 member Board of Directors to meet quarterly to direct projects & programming, to fundraise, and conduct any other business on hand. Positions: President, Secretary, Treasurer + 2 Board Members at Large. Ideally local members reflecting demographics of Lower Mississippi Valley.

Advisory Board:

15 member Board to meet annually or bi-annually to vision quest and establish long term goals & activities. Regional membership ideally reflecting demographics of Lower Mississippi Valley with members from all the states along the Lower Mississippi River including Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi, Tennessee, Missouri and Kentucky.

Mississippi River Summer
Leadership Program

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The 2014-2017 Dugout Canoe Project
was supported by grants from the
Mississippi Arts Commission